Designation: Special Educator. Partner and Head of Special Education,Training and Course; Coordinator – Anubhuti- Psychological Consultancy Services

Brief profile:

Ms. Navleen is an experienced Special Educator with over 12 years of experience in this field. Her area of expertise is to understand, provide instruction by adapting and developing materials to match the learning styles, strengths, and special needs of each of her child client.

She is involved in various teachers training, parenting and child centered programs. She thrives to spread awareness and provide alternative educational opportunities to children with different needs. This includes research and practice to modify the curriculum for students with disabilities in order to meet the academic needs of a wide
range of learners.

She extensively work as a special educator whose work is related to curriculum development, preparing and executing individualized education plan (IEP) based on assessment report and its resource material and progress report. She is also equipped in designing the module for Special Education @ Home and Online Teacher Training Program.

She has experience working with mainstream, special schools and developmental centers. She believes in spreading awareness and providing early intervention support for these difficulties / disabilities. She has and is working with children with special needs such as Down syndrome, ASD, ADHD, and Learning disabilities.

She is a holder of Master of Science in Psychology with Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in special education and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in developmental counselling

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