Prompt: Purpose? Where will the money go? How will we use it?

The ongoing pandemic has affected millions of lives. From a minority to a majority, people of all groups have suffered enough pain and faced many challenges in these 8-9 months. The year 2021 is looking to set upon us as the representative of hope and faith, serving to us the first ray of hope: the cure to the novel Coronavirus.

With positive vibes spreading all around the world, we at Ruhin would also like to contribute to this spread of alacrity by putting the first foot forward in spirit of humanity towards making a difference: The Founder’s Fund Raiser.

A small gesture, a small contribution, will be enough for us, as a whole, to believe that the world will heal soon and be better. We are happily committed to the cause and assure you that the money collected will be used for sponsoring the education of hundreds of children who are dealing with physical, developmental and learning disabilities.

We at Ruhin believe that children, regardless of their mental or physical capability, are the purest form of probity. This small initiative from us can help the children with financial worries receive top-quality education from the best educators in the country dedicatedly.

Let’s put our foot forward and be the change. Let’s Redefine, Uplift, Heal, Inspire, and Nurture. Because RUHIN makes it possible!



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