RUHIN Education’s, Special Education Needs Program is a dedicated program and prides itself as an inclusive school. We long for nurturing diverse needs of students by ensuring that each student gets equitable access to the learning curriculum. We have a customized prograammes where children with special educational needs will get an incredible ambience with specialized personal attention and inclusive sessions supplemented with one on one tutoring and expert consultations. Trained SEN teachers are available to help them during the routine classes, apart from their regular classes. The multiple intelligences of the students grow with multiple learning approaches. This can only be accomplished by applying diverse learning styles, restoring and building their self-esteem and working on their strengths and potentials to make them confident and self-reliant.
Specially created worksheets, flashcards, educational games, graded readers and teaching aids, suited to various learning difficulties, are used to promote academic development. Students with special needs are supported primarily through remediation, accommodation and with certain exemptions especially during examinations, depending on the severity of the learning difficulty. This program is for all the students of IB/IGCSE/CBSE/ICSE and state as well as open school boards in India and Overseas. The SEN team is dedicated to bringing out the best in each child. We do believe that “All children have their own unique areas of strength, temperament and potential to learn”.

Our Mission

Influencing lives that matter…

Our Vision

We create an inclusive pathway and integrate a holistic evolution to decorate your kid’s future