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Art therapy delivers a safe expression of emotions to the children that is unhindered by language and communication snags.

Kids with learning disabilities fight with behavioural difficulties, low self-esteem and likewise may feel emotionally isolated. They face challenges with communication, academic performance and might need that extra kick to concede social norms and expectations. the art therapy will help bridge the gap between your child’s inner and the outer world. It will enable them to express their inner chaos in the company of an innocuous and regulating mentor. The therapist is an “auxiliary cortex” who nourishes the child to recognise, label and regulate emotions. Likewise, they help the kids experience and adjust to the social and cultural expectations.

The art therapist at Ruhin will assess and plan out the therapy as per individual needs that can focus on specific outcomes. Some of them to name include building self-esteem, developing interpersonal skills and mutuality, building frustration tolerance, non-intrusive way, encouraging sensory integration, strengthening your power in life, discovering the ability to read and interpret people’s emotions and motivations, development of coping skills, working through trauma in a safe, teaching and encouraging self-regulation and working with children, teachers and families to comprehend explicit behavioural difficulties.


Interestingly, get this therapy done online. Sit with your kid and you may observe the development in your child yourself!



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