Online Course


Remedial Education (RE) is a part of SEN solutions. Remedial Therapy uses special teaching strategies for kids with several types of learning hitches. The therapy works for children diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Autism and other needs. Remedial Therapy helps in enhancing the deficient skills of the student.

Ruhin trainers are here to give online remedial therapy support on an individual basis. A few areas covered under remedial therapy to name are reading skills, writing skills, handwriting, maths, social skills and information processing.

All the courses at Ruhin are available under Individualized education program (IEP); a custom learning plan to help your child with all the needed time and help. The faculty at Ruhin would be more than happy to give the kids extra time!


Interestingly, get this therapy done online. Sit with your kid and you may observe the development in your child yourself!