What are the courses available? Please make a list of courses.

  • Train the trainer
  • Remedial Therapy
  • Musical Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Vision Therapy
  • Individualized education program
  • Home Therapy sessions for parents/guardians
  • Online Yoga
  • Life skill development therapy

Do we need to enroll for the courses in institute only?

You can enroll from anywhere across the globe and avail our services online.

Do you provide any quarterly or annual packages?

Yes, we have packages for 3-6-12 months and besides you can choose the courses according to your preferences.

Do you have the facility of Psychologist/Doctor?

Yes, we have RCI certified counselors and experienced psychologists. The psychiatrists are also available on prior appointments.

Who will do a Psychometric Assessment for my kid?

The counselor will do the assessment and provide the authorised report too.

What are the timings for the classes?

Classes will be mostly in the school hours or after school hours till 8 pm.

How many days per week, classes scheduled?

As per the IEPs and ICPs it may vary from one individual to the other. On an average three sessions per week is recommended.

What is the qualification of Faculty? How advanced are they?

All our faculties are highly qualified and trained Special Educators ranging from Ph.D in the respective fields to Diploma as per their designations in the hierarchy.

Are the teachers trained for handling SEN kids? Do they have any certification and experience?

Yes, the teachers must clear the compulsory intensive training and exposure schedule and are also screened for their temperament, patience and compassionate characteristics conducive to the SEN kids. We set the minimum eligibility and experience requirements before selecting for such a crucial responsibility.

Do we need to buy any material/books/tools for the kid for learning?

All the modules will be provided by us as per the requirement. And for certain courses we have innovative materials and DIY kits for the sessions that can be delivered to you at your doorstep.

 Generic Questions

How do I know what type of disability my child has?

We have the facility for consultation, diagnosis and counselling with the certified experts.

How did you discover your child's disability?

May be instantly or gradually with time and some specific behaviours.

What kind of struggle your child has because of disability?

It may vary from one individual to another even in the degree of extremity. Some children apparently may not display any such traits while others may show very strong indications depending upon the nature and category of the special conditions.

Does having a child with disability affect your other children?


Can I consult any psychologist or a counselor in school or elsewhere?

Yes, you can consult but make sure they are approved and affiliated to recognized institutions or bodies. The counselor must be certified practitioner by RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India)

What are the tips that may help me in addressing the routine problems faced by my child?

Tips to deal with the problems of a special child:

  • Understand your child’s special needs
  • Don’t compare your children
  • Speak your child’s language
  • Keep up the discipline
  • Learn About Your Child’s Condition
  • Use Rewards and Consequences
  • Offer Praise
  • Establish a Routine
  • Believe in Your Child


Are these courses available online?


If yes, how to access the courses online.

On our website itself once you enroll you can access the sessions and courses on the platform.

If online mode available, then: are you providing classes to all categories of SEN or few selected ones?

We are providing all the generic as well as specific courses mentioned on our website.

Can my child take online classes without parent’s monitoring or does one need to be with the child while attending the class?

Depending upon the recommendation from our counselor we would suggest you. But as far as possible we try to minimize the role of parent during the class or may take separate session with the parents. The flexibility in different scenarios can be considered.

Please tell the pricing for individual as well as the group class if available.

Pricing will be told to you after the assessment and IEPs planned and if you select additional course then you will be provided a package accordingly.

Are there any app-based classes or platforms also which you can recommend?

It will be recommended after the assessment as per your child’s report.

  Question by Parents concerning child’s overall learning

How will the institute take care of my child's specific condition and case?

IEPs and ICPs and other therapies are designed well in accordance with your child’s specific requirements

What is the class size, and what is the student-teacher ratio?

Batch size will be maximum 5 students. However, we provide individual sessions also.

Will you share your case wise customized modules and the tools you use in class for my kid?


How will the special needs child interact with its typical peers?

Interaction will be facilitated as and to the extent required depending on the progress of the child, but it will vary for every individual.

How is the innovative and creative thinking used on daily basis in your institution?

Indeed, we keep ourselves updated and upgraded regularly for proving the most innovative and creative methodology. And we have the advisory board meetings for the same.

Is there a technology you recommend that can help the child in self- directed learning?

It will be recommended after the assessment as per your child’s report.